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Twitter, Facebook, FAQs, search engines, worthless blogs such as this one, etc…..

Technology is great.  We can do so much from the comforts of our couches, offices and even the toilet.  But I think we have too much. and here is why.

Today was trying to find the status on my retirement application I recently submitted.  The initial email confirming my submission said it will take 7-10 days from the day I submitted.  I was a little impatient and I checked 6 days later.  Didn’t find any new updates, but noticed a FAQ on the subject.  So I decided to check it out, and it stated that I must wait until 60 days prior to my actually retirement.  In my case that is a 6 month difference.

So with so much information out the World Wide Web it is now impossible to maintain and update everything when something changes.

Short of del *.* and starting over I don’t have a solution, but I now have a blog and I can vent if I want to.


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