Where are my lobsters???

Actually this story isn’t really about lobsters, even though they helped me come to a conclusion.

At this wonderful undisclosed location in Southwest Asia it has bee the norm, that every other Wednesday the Dining Facility serves lobster tails.  Its something many of my fellow deployed service members and myself look forward to.  So you can imagine my disappointment today when I went to dinner and there were no lobsters.

It could be that the local government has banned lobsters, just like they banned pork products (beef bacon just doesn’t taste the same).  Or it could be a delay in shipment, or maybe just a somebody forgot to order them in time.  Regardless of the reason there were no lobster tails for us to enjoy tonight.  Obviously this is not the worst thing that can happen in ones life, and it made me think, “Are we spoiled?”

The answer is YES.  Today I was going to write (more like “bitch”) about the inconvenience of not having indoor plumbing in our living quarters.  We have become a generation that think we are entitled to everything we see.  We expect free things and when we don’t get our way some pout, some bitch but very few are thankful that we did have a meal.

I know due to unfortunate circumstances,there are starving people all over the world.  But what about the the prior genrations of fighting men and women?  Pretty sure during the few moments of calm and quiet during WWII some of the brave men fighting all over the world would’ve loved to have a DFAC open 24/7 within walking distance, even if they didn’t have lobster tails.

So today I came to a conclusion that I had come to before, but unfortunately I had forgotten.  We should all be thankful for what we do have.


2 comments on “Where are my lobsters???

  1. Okay I agree with you 100%…. but I still want to know……. Where are my lobsters?

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