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NFL, bounties and arrogance

The Saints bounty system has brought out a lot of contreversy.  Some are saying that it was OK because everybody else does it.  The Saints fans are outraged because they fell like they are beloved tem is being picked on and being used to make an example.

The bottom line is they were caught, told to stop and didn’t.  Believe it or not this happened TWICE. They got away with it in 2009, but decided to keep it going.  Arrogance at its best.  Then just this year, they were told again that they were under investigation and once again, the team leadership decided to ignore the league and use incentive system to reward players getting hurt.

So as the football world awaits the appeal verdict and further punishments to be handed out to players, as it is common today, everybody is using main stream and social media to chime in on the issue.  Well since I now have a blog, why shouldn’t I?

In my opinion the Saints arrogance and excuses are worthless.  Just because everybody else does it, doen’t make it OK.  To our knowledge there has been no evidance of any other team using such a system.  There are rumors and speculations that the Redskins and the Bills used to have a similar system in place.  Considering they had the same coach that is mainly responsible for what took place in New Orleans it is very likely.  But without concrete proof there isn’t much that the league can do.  The Saints leadership knew about it, and not only that they didn’t stop it, they encouraged it.  As an old friend of mine used to say you do the crime, you have to do the time.

Among those that are also making their opinions known are current and former players.  I read today that a player was accusing the league of turning pro football into flag football.  At the same time former players are suing the league over injuries they sustained while playing the game.  That is like saying that don’t ban me from driving drunk, but if something bad happens I’m suing you.

Football is a violent sport.  But if played correctly and clean it can be enjoyable by both players and fans.


One comment on “NFL, bounties and arrogance

  1. Thats the way it is. You say your not guilty get caught then say oh we didn’t know about it, then complain that your punishment is to harsh! I agree with your friend “you do the crime, you have to do the time”… It’s a big boy world out there, so be prepared when you have to answer for your actions!

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