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2 Years

This past December 28th, marked 2 years since I last went to work.  I have actually tried to find a job and it is a lot harder than I expected.  As of today, excluding sales and fast food,  I have applied for every single job in Clovis and the surrounding area, that I qualify for.  I just wish that these employers would have the decency to call or email back and tell you they are not interested.

So as i apply for new jobs and “patiently” wait for a phone call, I am trying to find something to do.  I really want to build a dog house, but it might be more than I can handle… I did built an awesome set of shelves in the garage and will expand on that soon.  I guess all those beers I would fetch for Damion and Brug while ‘we” built the deck in and swing set some 15 years ago is now paying off.

I will try and share my thoughts every few days and hopefully my writing career will last longer than a few weeks this time.


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