NFL, bounties and arrogance

The Saints bounty system has brought out a lot of contreversy.  Some are saying that it was OK because everybody else does it.  The Saints fans are outraged because they fell like they are beloved tem is being picked on and being used to make an example. The bottom line is they were caught, told […]

…because that is the way we do things around here!!!

Approximately 40 days left in this wonderful undisclosed location in SWA…  And to the two of you that follow my blog, YES, I did get lobster tonight.  Well the rut that our society is stuck in, really bothers me.  We always look for the easy way out and just follow the person next to us.  […]

Is having sex with a NFL Cheerleader/teacher Lucky or Unlucky

 When I was in high school I don’t think I had any teachers that I considered “hot” but there were plenty of cheerleaders that drew my attention.  Recently a teenager was cohorced through electronic means to have sex with a teacher that also happens to be an NFL cheerleader. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer a member […]

If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport

Really fed up with egoistic, self-serving people.  Many people when they reflect on their military careers, say that they will miss the people the most.  Not here to argue about their opinion, but I don’t believe I will miss the people. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some great people,  I have made some lifelong friends.  […]

Where are my lobsters???

Actually this story isn’t really about lobsters, even though they helped me come to a conclusion. At this wonderful undisclosed location in Southwest Asia it has bee the norm, that every other Wednesday the Dining Facility serves lobster tails.  Its something many of my fellow deployed service members and myself look forward to.  So you can […]


Twitter, Facebook, FAQs, search engines, worthless blogs such as this one, etc….. Technology is great.  We can do so much from the comforts of our couches, offices and even the toilet.  But I think we have too much. and here is why. Today was trying to find the status on my retirement application I recently submitted.  […]

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